Thursday, October 29, 2009

The money shot

So this weekend I took step two to establishing my craft business, photographing my inventory.
This was actually pretty exciting. I wanted to take some really good photos of my ornaments, but they are small and the felt reflects the flash light like a mirror, so I knew I was going to have to put in a little extra work.
While hubby rushed to the laundromat and my son hunkered down to watch SpongeBob in his room, I took to the task of building a light box.
If only I had paid more attention to the directions, the whole process might not have taken me all afternoon. You see I cut the holes in the side of the box for the light to enter- no problem. Then I rushed it all into the bedroom with my husband's IKEA desk lamp to make my little top models look super fierce. I set up my little Christmas tree and started shooting. Then I realized I was getting photos with an ornament, a lovely green tree and nasty brown cardboard in the background.
Fine, so I went back in and lined the box with white printer paper, but no matter how much I lined, it seemed like I was still getting a little cardboard in the shot. After about 100 shots and very very sore knees because my Hello Kitty blanket did not provide the cushion I required, I closed down the photo studio.
You be the judge.
I have another photo shoot for my latest pretties set up for this weekend so wish me luck.

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