Friday, November 6, 2009

Owls, anyone?

I stopped by a consignment shop this week to possibly hock some of my wares. It is this adorable vintage consignment shop where every item is a cross between Mad Men and John Waters. I was in heaven. (I also found this awesome leopard print coat for only $70)
So I showed the owner my etsy store on my phone, and her first question was, "Do you do an owl?"
Of course because I am always happy to sell out a bit I said, "Sure, I can do an owl."

While I watched How I Met Your Mother, I set to drawing out my template. I found some blue fleece (I accidentally bought a sheet of fleece last year instead of felt, and although I love its softness, it was a pain to embroider on.) and got to work. I also picked up The Embroidery Stitch Bible, at the library and tested out a few new fancy stitches for the feathers. I also stitched on a little scarf to tie it in to the winter theme.
All in all I am pretty pleased, but now I want to whip out a whole woodland creatures series. I have bought some brown felt for a raccoon. I'll let you know how it goes.

1 comment:

  1. Make a cardinal. PLEASE! Although, a raccoon might be irresistible.