Monday, January 25, 2010

DIY undies!

For a long time I boycotted Victoria Secret. I hated the fact that everytime I went in that store, I was either ignored, or the sales people knew nothing about their product. On countless occasions I would describe items I saw in magazines, to the point of bringing in photos of Victoria Secret ads from Vogue, just to have the sales girls shrug and say, "I've never seen that before." and then direct me to the catalog.
But even in my boycott days, I was never brave enough to attempt something a lot of crafters have already tackled - DIY lingerie. Craftster is full of ladies who dare to make their own bras, panties and night gowns with wonderful results. For some reason, I have always been afraid.
For those of you who do not share my fears, and want to give it a shot, check out this website these patterns from everything from robes to chemises.

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  1. Wow. That is cool! FYI, the Paducah VS is not quite as "stocked" as its counterparts elsewhere. However, that credit card has somehow duped me into thinking I'm the coolest thing ever, and that balance is ever increasing. :)