Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Off time

You could say, I am taking a quick vacation from crafting to recover from Christmas Craftacular (photos and full report up tomorrow) and get my new year's wits about me.
So I plan to read, read, read. Reading is an indulgence I never allow myself, which is so silly of me because I love books and I love to write.

Here are just a few selections from my vacation reading list:
Into the Woods - Tana French
The Wizard of Oz - by L. Frank Baum Can you believe I have never actually read this before
The Secret Garden - by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This one either. I watched the movie when my sister was little and I totally fell in love with it. Now, I am actually going to read it.
Wicked - by Gregory Maguire. For the third time, I am going to try to read this.

I also listen to a lot of books. This is perfect for in the car, doing dishes, or embroidering. Lately I have been on a Harry Potter kick, but I called out "Accio Coke Zero" from my couch the other night, I decided I should probably give it a rest. On deck are:
Finger-lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovich
Paint it Black by Janet Finch
My Sister My Love by Joyce Carol Oates
Remember Me by Sophia Kinsella
American Wife - Curtis Sittenfeld
Parchment of Leaves - Silas House

Not on deck, but definitely recently purchased - Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper. Please, please, please check out this hilarious Southern vampire romance about a girl who opens a coffeeshop for the undead and gives her cold and distant sire boyfriend the ole' heave ho. I give it 4 out of 4 very triumphant stars, and not just because it was dedicated to me.

Happy January fellow bookworms.

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