Monday, January 11, 2010

Success - Christmas Craftacular

I'm so late getting this up because post-Christmas is sometimes more hectic for me than before Christmas. But I am thrilled to report that all in all my handmade holiday was a success. But I will admit, there were a few setbacks.
1. I began to hate all the handmade projects I was working on. By the time I was rounding the corner on my mother-in-law's handmade piece, I was sick to death of looking at it. So sick of it, I put it in a frame, wrapped it, and never took a final picture of the piece. It turned out lovely, but I have no actual proof of it.
Also, my grandfather's knitted hat had me screaming "HATS ARE HARD!" to my husband after I frogged it three times.

2. Last minute throw togethers. I had two projects that absolutely had to get done the night before they were to be presented. I don't handle last minute pressure well, so rolling out crumbly pie dough that was supposed to be smooth resulted in me throwing my rolling pin across the room and dough in trash.
3. Not reading the instructions. I learned the hard way that allowing paint to dry on a paper stencil will result in painted paper bits sticking to your project and send you running screaming to Joanne's fabrics to resupply and start over. When I told the cashier it was a "craft emergency" she told me to buy my person a gift card instead. Not the type of attitude I expected from someone who worked in a craft store.
But in the end, everyone loved their gifts. My grandfather cried in delight, "I got a toboggin!" when he unwrapped his hand-knitted hat. My Maw hid her new quilt because she said she didn't want my sister to be tempted to steal it. And my cousin planned on using her stenciled canvas bag as her new book-bag.
All in all, several happy campers = one happy crafter.

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